We will build software for your nonprofit. Pro Bono.

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Apply for a Code Grant.

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We'll provide volunteer developers and a project manager.

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We'll collaborate with you to build the tool you need.

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What nonprofit leaders are saying:

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With freeCodeCamp's valuable contribution, we were able to improve all of our systems and processes as part of our Wonder Women Eastern Indonesia program, and make sure that even more life changing technologies get to where they are needed most.

- Ewa Wojkowska with Kopernik

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We have been blown away by the professional quality of the work that has been produced by the campers working on our projects. freeCodeCamp has been an invaluable partner and we are grateful for their support.

- Jennifer McDowell with Child First Authority

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We had the pleasure to work with two very talented campers who went above and beyond to create a web-based app for us. I would highly recommend that nonprofits apply to freeCodeCamp with their custom solution needs!

- Stephanie McAllister with Timeraiser

Solutions we can help you build:

Paperless Workflows

Volunteer Management

Community Management

Inventory Systems

Logistics Tools

...and other tools

Some of the projects we've built for nonprofits:

Options, Inc.
Big Lake, Minnesota

Child First Authority
Baltimore, Maryland

Chasdei Kaduri Food Bank
Toronto, Canada

As grantmakers of pro bono code, we approve applications for nonprofits who:

  •   have 501(c)(3) status or foreign equivalent.
  •   have a demonstrated need for custom code.
  •   have explored existing software solutions.
  •   already have people who benefit from their services.
  •   can budget $20 to $30 per month for hosting.
  •   will commit to using what our developers build.